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Kintamani Volcano Tour

Enjoying spectacular kintamani tour full day tour view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur
Tour starting from :
Batubulan village to see Barong and Keris Dance, visit Tohpati “the tradional batik painting factory. Than drive to Kintamani (Active Volcano and Lake Batur view). and break for lunch at volcano area.

(10 HOURS)

Pick-up time : 08.30 return 18.30
Note : Our tour price is exclude entrance ticket and meal

After lunch we drive back to Sribatu Village (Bali coffee plantation) try LUWAK coffee animal coffee), visit Tampak siring (Pura Tirta empul / Holy water temple), Tegalalang (Rice terrace view) and return to hotel.

Barong play represent an eternal fight between good and evil spirit. A Barong (a mythological animal) represent good spirit and Rangda (a mythological monster) represent evil one. Balinese people also believed that the Barong is symbol of protector. Many kinds face of Barong, mostly is Barong cat, Barong Landung, Barong Macan (tiger face) Barong celeng (pig face)

Kintamani Village for buffet lunch and enjoying spectacular view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Mount Batur has eruption several time already, the biggest eruption was 1926 destroyed the Batur Village. This village it was near the lake and now they move to the top. The black lava was the eruption in 1974. This is still active Volcano smoking all the time. Kintamani is very popular and famous, its a MUST visit place while tour in Bali.

Tirta Empul or Spring Water Temple, it's located in Tampaksiring region near Gunung Kawi Temple. The temple was built around the springs and special bathing-pools. In the inner courtyard there is clear slate-blue spring water bubbling up into it's own enclosed rectangular pool through a sedimentary layer of black sand. In Balinese legend this spring water was created by deity Indra, when he fighting with the Mayadenawa King. This place now very crowded with the people when the secret day for bath special ritual called in Balinese melukat.

Tegalalang Village, to witness the amazing view of rice paddy terraces. This village also well known with the handicrafts centre, especially for wholesale and export. A long of the road you will see a lot of the shops, they sell variety of painted woodcarvings with color full designed. The painted woodcarvings product is made from very light wood with reasonable prices; and they do sell theirs handicrafts for retail too.